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Aws Training And Certification Course:

Learn AWS concepts like AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Elastic Block Store, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Load Balancer (ELB),Network Route 53, AWS S3(Simple Storage Service), Dynamo DB, Cloud Watch, Migration Services,etc.,

  • Expert-led interactive sessions.
  • 60+ hours of dedicated learning.
  • Key projects and Certifications.
  • WhatsApp Support Group.


This in-depth AWS training and certification, taught by industry experts, will cover topics like AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Auto Scaling, Network Route 53, AWS S3(Simple Storage Service), RDS, SNS, Cloud Watch, Migration Services, IaaC, etc.

Trainers that are well competent and experienced created this course. Assignments that emphasize the technology's practical application are given as a part of each module's conclusion. This course covers every essential feature of the AWS platform, including AWS offers and instances, AWS storage services, load balancing and scaling, AWS conceptual design, and much more

We also provide AWS certification course in our Winter-Summer Training . After finishing this AWS Cloud practitioner certification, LI-MAT Soft Solutions will provide you with an AWS intern certificate attesting to your knowledge of the most recent AWS skill set and your capacity to oversee AWS initiatives inside your company.

After finishing this AWS Cloud practitioner certification, LI-MAT Soft Solutions will provide you with an AWS intern certificate attesting to your knowledge of the most recent AWS skill set and your capacity to oversee AWS initiatives inside your company.


Anyone interested in the AWS domain may register.

Key Takeaways:
  • Expert-Led Live Interactive Sessions.
  • 60+ hours of dedicated learning.
  • Regular Assignments.
  • Assessment (Quiz/Test).
  • WhatsApp Support Groups.
  • Class Recordings.
  • Internship Grade projects and certification.
Career Opportunities:
  1. Cloud Architect
  2. Cloud Developer
  3. Cloud Systems Administrator
  4. Cloud DevOps Engineer
  5. Cloud Security Engineer
  6. Cloud Network Engineer
  7. Cloud Data Architect
  8. Cloud Consultant
Course Outcome:

You can master the following skills by getting ready for and earning this AWS cloud practitioner certification:

  • Understanding of the fundamental AWS architecture best practices, such as the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, application lifecycle management, and the usage of containers in the development process, as well as how to use the key AWS services
  • Proficiency in writing code for serverless apps and debugging, deploying and developing cloud-based applications using AWS
  • Being able to recognize important AWS service characteristics and create apps using AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs
  • Ability to build code using a fundamental grasp of cloud-native applications
  • Being able to create, update and troubleshoot code modules on AWS

Why learn AWS?

  • There are now 427 new AWS job vacancies in India, according to Glassdoor.
  • AWS has more than 1 million customers from 190 different countries, which is more than its next four competitors combined. Business Insider
  • According to Indeed, the annual compensation for an AWS Certified Solutions Architect is $125,000.
  • In the modern workplace, it might be challenging to develop in your position if you are unfamiliar with cutting-edge technologies. AWS cloud practitioner certification is a widely used technology with several advantages, making mastering it very beneficial. LI-MAT Soft Solutions provide the best AWS training available in India to help you land your dream job.
  • The national average income for an AWS/DevOps Engineer in India is 5,90,000. According to Glassdoor. For local AWS/DevOps Engineer salary, use the location filter. Salary estimates are based on 455 salaries posted to Glassdoor by people working as AWS/DevOps Engineers.
Skills Covered:
  • AWS Foundations
  • Usage of the AWS Console
  • Command line toolkit with AWS Software Development Kit
  • Metrics and Monitoring
  • Analysis of High Availability Data and Data Management
  • Networking and security
  • Activation and Provisioning
  • Cloud Best Practices for Big Data and Analytics
  • Cost reduction

LI-MAT Soft Solutions AWS Training Description

About AWS training

The AWS training offered by LI-MAT soft solutions will provide learners with the opportunity to learn about and gain expertise in AWS concepts and services. As you move through the course, you will learn how to use various AWS services to develop and deploy trustworthy cloud applications and adhere to best practices for cloud security. This will help you pass the AWS Certified Developer - Associate Exam. Additionally, using examples from the real world, this course will show you how to design application security, build serverless app code, test, and debug apps. You will have the opportunity to complete one project at the end of the course.

Who should seek this certification in AWS training?
  • All professionals who wish to learn about cloud computing, cloud automation, DevOps, and developing SaaS-based goods and apps should take this course.
  • The following are excellent candidates for this AWS training:
  • Developers that aim to build SaaS-based products and applications.
  • Programmers looking to create cloud automation products
  • Developers that want to use cloud services to evaluate big data and related ecosphere products
  • System / Network Administrators looking to construct or move their on-premise infrastructure to the AWS cloud
  • Solution architects want to create/migrate data centres to the cloud and create disaster recovery sites there
Which leading businesses are looking to hire experts in AWS?

Leading Companies like: -

  1. Wipro.
  2. Accenture.
  3. Amazon.
  4. HCL.
  5. Cognizant.
  6. Dell.
  7. Deloitte.
  8. Facebook.
Is AWS a good career choice?

An effective cloud computing platform called AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers a number of services that let customers create, launch, and maintain applications. AWS provides a variety of options for users to expand their abilities, making it a suitable choice for career advancement. AWS offers a platform that customers may utilize to create, launch, and manage applications for various uses, including business, education, and personal usage. Enroll today to build a career as an AWS professional.

What programming language AWS uses?

Programming languages such as Microsoft, .NET, Java, and Python are available to AWS developers. The problem with the domain and the local ecosystem must be identified in order to determine which programming language is better suited for a particular project.

Is Certification in AWS Valuable?

The AWS certification provides a lot of value and a raise in pay. However, the most important aspect of certification is that it ensures better career opportunities and high salaries. One of the most imperative things to figure out before enrolling for the certification programme is whether it will be an add-on to you personally.

Course Curriculum

What will we cover in the upcoming months?

Section: 1
  1. About the course
  2. Introduction - Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  3. Cloud Service & Deployment Models, Mapping - Enterprise DC & AWS
  4. AWS Virtualization, Xen
  5. Web Servers, Web Services, APIs
  6. SLA
  7. RPO & RTO
  8. High Availability vs Fault Tolerance
  9. Latency vs Throughput
Section: 2
Compute - EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  1. Pre-EC2: Virtual Machines, EC2 definition
  2. Regions and Availability Zones
  3. AMI, Instance Types, Demo
  4. vCPU, Root Device Volume, Key Pair, Demo
  5. Elastic IP, Instance Metadata, Public Key, Demo
  6. AMI Copy, AMI Permissions, Demo
  7. ENI, Instance Tenancy, Dedicated Instance, and Host
  8. Pricing, Reserved and Spot Instances, Design Patterns
  9. Using Bootstrap scripts
  10. EC2 Summary
  11. Assignment 1: EC2 Assignments
Section: 3
Storage - EBS (Elastic Block Store)
  1. Pre-EBS - File System and Storage Layer Concepts
  2. EBS concepts, Throughput & IOPS
  3. Volume Types - GP2, IO1, ST1, and SC1
  4. Demo - Volume Operations
  5. Snapshots
  6. Snapshot Demo - copy operations
  7. Encryption, Pricing, EBS Optimization, Design Patterns (RAID, DR)
  8. Assignment 2: EBS Assignments
Section: 4
Network - VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  1. Pre-VPC - Basic Networking, Router, CIDR, IP address detail
  2. Pre-VPC - Subnet, Firewalls, Stateful, and Stateless firewalls
  3. Subnets, Public & Private Subnets, Default VPC & Subnets, Demo
  4. Demo Continued
  5. Firewalls in AWS VPC - Security Groups and NACLs
  6. Demo: 3-tier architecture using Security Groups
  7. Demo: 3-tier architecture using NACLs
  8. Route Tables, NAT Gateway & NAT Instance
  9. NAT Demo
  10. VPC Peering - Concepts, Demo, and Scenarios
  11. VPC Endpoints, VPN Connection, VPN Demo, VPC Flow Logs
  12. VPC Flow Logs Demo
  13. Pricing and Design Patterns
  14. EC2: Elastic Network Interfaces with Multiple IP addresses
  15. ENI Demo
  16. Bastion Host
  17. VPC Summary
  18. Assignment 3: VPC Assignments
Section: 5
Network - ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)
  1. Pre-ELB, Classic Load Balancer and its architecture
  2. CLB Demo
  3. Cross-zone load balancing, Listeners, and Health Checks
  4. NACLs in Load Balancer Architecture, Complete CLB Demo
  5. Cross Zone Load Balancing Scenarios
  6. Application Load Balancer, Target Groups, Listener Rules, Demo
  7. SSL connections, Network Load Balancer, Demo
  8. High Availability using Load Balancer - Demo
  9. Pricing and Design Patterns
  10. ELB Summary
  11. Assignment 4: Elastic Load Balancer – Assignments
Section: 6
Compute - Auto Scaling
  1. Pre-AS: Vertical and Horizontal Scaling, AWS Auto Scaling, Launch Configuration
  2. Launch Template, Dynamic Scaling, Simple Scaling Policy, Cooldown Period
  3. Demo - Dynamic Scaling with Simple Scaling Policy, Desired Capacity
  4. Step Scaling, Demo
  5. Manual Scaling, Schedule Scaling - Demo
  6. Instance Termination, Pricing, and Design Patterns
  7. Auto Scaling Summary
  8. Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Integration
  9. Assignment 5: Auto Scaling – Assignments
Section: 7
Network - Route53
  1. Pre-Route53: How DNS works, A Name record, CNAME, Alias, and Latency
  2. Route53 Terminologies, Public/Private Hosted Zone, DNS Support - Demo
  3. Simple and Failover Routing Policies, Demo
  4. Latency Based & Geolocation Routing Policies, DNS Failover, Demo
  5. Complex Routing Demo, Route53 with ELB, Demo
  6. Complex Routing II
  7. Pricing, Design Patterns, Blue-Green Deployment
  8. Route53 Summary
  9. Assignment 6: Route53 Assignments
Section: 8
Storage - S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  1. Pre-S3: Online Storage, S3 Introduction, Consistency Models, Demo
  2. Storage Hierarchy, Buckets, Transfer Acceleration, Requestor Pays, Object Keys
  3. Object Metadata, S3 Storage Class, Demo
  4. Object Versioning, Demo
  5. Lifecycle Management, Storage Class Analysis, Demo
  6. Cross Region Replication, Demo
  7. Permissions, Data Encryption, Demo
  8. Performance Optimization in S3, Server Access Logging, Demo
  9. Static Website Hosting on S3, Integration with Route53, Demo
  10. Use VPC endpoint to access S3 from EC2 instances in Private Subnets
  11. Pricing and Design Patterns
  12. S3 Summary
  13. Assignment 7: S3 Assignments
Section: 9
Storage - EFS (Elastic File Store)
  1. Pre-EFS: Shared File System, EFS, Mount Target, Mount a file system
  2. EFS Demo
  3. EFS File Sync, Pricing
Section: 10
Security & Identity - IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  1. Pre-IAM: Authentication, Authorization, Users, and Groups
  2. Amazon Resource Name (ARN), IAM Hierarchy
  3. IAM Users, Groups, MFA
  4. Demo - IAM users, groups, MFA
  5. ROOT User, JSON, IAM Policies, Resource & User-based policies
  6. Demo-1 - IAM Policies
  7. Demo-2 - IAM Policies – Resource-Based Policies
  8. Policy Evaluation Logic, IAM Roles, Cross-account Roles
  9. Demo - IAM Roles & Cross-Account Roles
  10. EC2 Instance Profile, Demo4:39
  11. Identity Federation - Web Id & SAML
  12. IAM summary
  13. Assignment 8: IAM assignments
Section: 11
Command Line Interface
  1. CLI concepts, Setup, Use users or roles with CLI - Demo
  2. Assignment 9: CLI Assignments
Section: 12
Encryption and KMS (Key Management Service) - Basic, without Demo and Lab
  1. Pre-KMS: Encryption Primer, DEK, CMK, Envelope Protection, KMS Components
  2. Demo - KMS
  3. Integration with EBS, RDS, S3, etc., Pricing
Section: 13
Database - DynamoDB (NoSQL from AWS)
  1. Pre-DynamoDB: NoSQL Introduction and its requirement in today's world
  2. DynamoDB Intro, Table Components, Primary Key, Indexes - GSI & LSI, APIs
  3. Consistency Model, Capacity Units - RCU & WCU, how to calculate RCU & WCU
  4. DynamoDB Demo
  5. DynamoDB Partitions
  6. Accessing Database, Backup & Restore, Demo
  7. DynamoDB Streams, Demo
  8. Replication using Global Tables
  9. Pricing and Design Patterns
  10. DynamoDB Summary
  11. Assignment 10: DynamoDB Assignments
Section: 14
Database - RDS (Relational Database Service)
  1. Pre-RDS - RDBMS, RDS Intro, DB instance, VPC in RDS, Multi-AZ
  2. Demo - DB Instance, Subnet Groups, Multi-AZ deployment, DB Instance modification
  3. RDS Maintenance, Upgrades, Backup & Restore – Demo
  4. Read Replica, Demo
  5. Option & Parameter Groups, Encryption, Reserved DB Instances, Events & Log Files
  6. Pricing and Design Patterns
  7. RDS Aurora Cluster, Different Endpoints, VPC in Aurora, Master User - Demo
  8. Assignment 11: RDS Assignment
Section: 15
Notification - Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  1. Pre-SNS: Subscriptions, SNS Topic - Demo
  2. Sending SMS messages, Design Patterns, and Pricing
  3. Assignment 12: SNS Assignment
Section: 16
Monitoring - Cloud Watch
  1. Pre-CW: why monitor, Architecture, Metrics, Namespaces, Dimension, Statistics
  2. CW Dashboard - Demo
  3. Cloud Watch Alarms - Demo
  4. Cloud Watch Logs, Log Agent
  5. Cloud Watch Log Agent Demo - Send application logs to Cloud Watch
  6. Cloud Watch Events - Demo
  7. Pricing & Design Patterns
Section: 17
Auditing & Management – Cloud Trail, Trusted Advisor, AWS Config
  1. Cloud Trail: Event History, Trails, Log Encryption - Demo
  2. Trusted Advisor- Demo
  3. AWS Config
Section: 18
Migration Services
  1. Migration Strategies - Green-Brown Field, The R's, Plan & Discover, Landing Zone
  2. SMS (Server Migration Service)
  3. AWS Import/Export & Snowball
  4. VM Import/Export
Section: 19
Automation - Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)
  1. Cloud Formation - Templates, Resources, Parameters, Stacks
  2. Cloud Formation Demo - Launch EC2 Instance & Parameterize it, Deletion Policy
  3. Cloud Formation - Mappings, Functions, Pseudo Parameters
  4. Cloud Formation Demo
  5. Assignment:
  6. Cloud Formation Assignment
Section: 20
  1. Certificate Preparations and Mock interviews
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